The GML Design Rule

All-discrete circuitry

Discrete-transistor designs provide more headroom, less noise (i.e. more dynamic range), wider bandwidth, increased stability, resistance to high-frequency oscillation and the influence effects of out-of-band signals on audio.

DC-Servo Stabilized Throughout

Another GML innovation, highly stable DC servos correct DC offsets to sub-millivolt levels throughout. No audio-in-line electrolytic capacitors to age.

High Quality Passive Components

Precious metal XLR connectors and internal interconnections. Highest quality carbon-film potentiometers (not conductive plastic), metal-film resistors, polystyrene and Mylar capacitors, tantalum capacitors.

Transformerless Throughout

The audio input for each module is precision electronically-balanced. Outputs are direct-coupled, with no electrolytic capacitors to deteriorate.

Road Tested Designs

GML products are used on a daily basis by the most demanding professionals in the recording industry.