We do full service for the following products:

Model 8200
Model 8304/8302 (both series I and II)
Model 2032
Model 9500
Model 8355
Model 8900* (series III only)
Model 2030
Model 2020
Model 9015

Regardless of model you need service for, you are required to have an RA# issued by GML. Please fill out our contact form for more information.
*Please read the next segment for more info.

Model 8900, Dynamic Range Controller, is one of the more complex units that require very special skills, tools and knowledge.

It has come to our attention in recent years that there are many 8900 out in the field that have been heavily modified by unauthorized technicians, which resulted in more or less unreliable/unrepairable condition.  Please contact us for any questions you may have regarding the repair work – if the work performed has not been approved by GML, we may not be able to repair fully and bring it back to the original spec.

We do not take any 8900 that is series II or prior. No exception.

Serial number of your unit can be found on the back of the unit (or front panel for power supplies).
Each model is represented by a letter, followed by 4 digits.

For example, 8200’s serial number should look like E1010

There are some exceptions for units that were made in the early 80’s but almost all units follow this serial number method.

Yes, under certain conditions. 

For newly purchased units, we urge customers to send them to us for warranty repair.
Any damage caused by extra force, liquid spills or third tech work (including opening the top cover) to newly purchased units may void its warranty.

2nd hand purchased units are not considered as new and not eligible for warranty repair.

Our labor fee is $150/hr + parts if needed. For expedited service, we will need to charge premium – please contact us through our contact form for more information.

Unfortunately no.

8302 series I and II are not cross-compatible.
Series II mic pre has all new designs and will not work on series I mic pre, though sonically identical.

Please check GML automation system manual here.

GML automation system has not been supported since late 90’s so resources available are very limited.

Unfortunately no. 

GML’s policy does not allow to hand out our internal documents outside of GML network.

Please do not drop-in at our offices without any prior appointment or approval.

Please fill out our form through contact page for any inquiries regarding sales and/or service related questions. 

We can answer your inquiries much fasters if you email us, rather than calling us and leaving a VM.

Need more help? Please fill out our contact form.