About GML

About GML

Est. 1982

GML, Inc. (now GML, LLC) was established to produce high-performance, high-resolution recording equipment. Prior to the establishment of GML, George had presented a paper “Parametric Equalizer” at the 42nd AES Convention in 1972 and had a successful career as an electronic designer as well as music producer/engineer.  GML 8200 Parametric Equalizer, released in 1982, quickly became the industry standard for all EQs. Since its establishment, GML has since produced many products which became the industry standard of high-end audio, including 8900 Dynamic Range Controller, 8300 Transformerless Microphone Pre-amplifier. 

How it all began


GML is proud to have been keeping George’s design philosophy and to be a leader in innovating audio technology whether it was an invention of Parametric EQ or the 3rd generation of fader automation system. GML has always been involved with improving highest audio quality through our product over the last 4 decades. 

GML Design Principles

All-discrete circuitry

Discrete-transistor designs provide more headroom, less noise (i.e. more dynamic range), wider bandwidth, increased stability, resistance to high-frequency oscillation and the influence effects of out-of-band signals on audio.

DC-Servo Stabilized Throughout

Another GML innovation, highly stable DC servos correct DC offsets to sub-millivolt levels throughout. No audio-in-line electrolytic capacitors to age.

High Quality Passive Components

Precious metal XLR connectors and internal interconnections. Highest quality carbon-film potentiometers (not conductive plastic), metal-film resistors, polystyrene and Mylar capacitors, tantalum capacitors.

Transformerless Throughout

The audio input for each module is precision electronically-balanced. Outputs are direct-coupled, with no electrolytic capacitors to deteriorate.

Road Tested Designs

GML products are used on a daily basis by the most demanding professionals in the recording industry.