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Our Worldwide Network Of

Distributors & Dealers

We are proud to have a worldwide network of distributors and dealers who are as passionate as we are about the high quality, transparent audio equipments for so many years.

North America/Mexico

Alto Music (NY)
Audio Gate Int'l (Mexico)
Calistro Music (CT)
Cutting Edge (CA)
GC Pro (CA)
Ozark Pro Audio (MO)
Professional Audio Design, Inc (MA)
Sonic Circus (VT)
Studio Economik (Canada)
Sweetwater (IN)
Vintage King (MI)
Westlake Pro (CA)

South America

Planeta Analogico (Argentina)


BEE Distribution (Belgium/EU)
SX Pro (UK)
T.D.M (France)
Funky Junk (Italy/Spain)


Ding Dong Audio (China)
JD Solution (Korea)
Mixmasters Pro Audio (Australia)
Pro Media Audio (Japan)

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*As of December 2021, we are currently withholding all new dealer inquiries due to the supply chain issues. Thank you for understanding.